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That Blue Summer

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Oct 14, 2020
Stranger_Hanyo (All reviews)
I read Ao Natsu on a night, and I thought I'd read a few chapters and then leave it for the next day. What actually happened was, I binge read the whole series that night.

Why you ask? Is it not just another of those shojo romances where the heroine goes kyaah and the hero swoops down every now and then and kisses her? Nope. Ao Natsu is a real breakaway from the usual shojo romances. I mean you have the typical high school romance setting and all, but it's so much better.

For starters, there's no stupid drama and love triangles! God bless! The story read more
Oct 23, 2023
officialbighead (All reviews)
This is not your typical shoujo manga. There's none of the overly dramatic cliches--no girl rival trying to steal the male lead away, no second male lead that's just annoying and pushy...Truly, one of the most easy-going, well-flowing manga I've ever read. It makes you think and question your surroundings, and develop an appreciation for the small things.

Art: 7/10 (not the most beautiful or impressive, but consistent in quality)

Characters: 8.5/10 (no annoying characters, good dialogue--though I do wish we got to know them a little more in depth)

Story: 10/10 (wholesome, interesting, and somehow refreshingly unique for a shoujo manga. Beautiful in its simplicity)

Overall: 9/10

I think read more

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