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May 7, 2018
Lorian_Guisan (All reviews)
"Save you ? Me ? I can't do that. You're the only one that can save yourself."

If you're here, you are definitely a fan of the Monogatari Series, or maybe just a random person just looking for a manga. In all cases, I recommend you this manga. \NO SPOILERS/

Story : 9.5

The story is really awesome, it's about the relationships between Araragi, the main character, and 6 other girls, who all have awesome personalities. I must also say that it's not your typical vampire story tho.

Art : 10

If i could add 11/10, I would definitely, it's just the BEST art I've EVER seen. The scenery read more
May 15, 2018
Triku (All reviews)

The Bakemonogatari manga, or rather, Bakemonogatari in general is controversial because of the artistic execution of the medium, whether in anime, or in this case manga, its humor, and funny touches of gag, but that is not the only thing, that is not what What makes Bakemonogatari excellent, is its history, message and characters.

Before going ahead with the manga, I want to clarify that it is impossible to criticize the manga as the anime because they are totally different media, but still maintains the aesthetic, artistic, retailer and with much symbolism that Bakemonogatari uses to express everything that you want in read more

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