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Yuri is My Job

*This is a digital eBook, not a physical book.


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May 5, 2020
Luzer_2n7 (All reviews)
In this story its starts with a narcissistic girl trying to get people to like her for reasons more complex then what she says about, the reason shes like this is because of someone from her past. When she is asked to join as an employee at a cafe she meets a girl who comes off as rude and seems that she does not like her with reasons unknown, with that in mind she wants her to like her no mater what and for some reason she remainders her of someone from her past.

This story is fantastic its fun watching things unfold and how things read more
Jul 31, 2021
TheBestKowalEU (All reviews)
I really would like to give it more than just 4/10, I really wish I would be allowed to give it more than 4/10 but I just cant as of chapter 36. I love yuri, I read it non stop in any shape of form, am not afraid of reading drama heavy yuri as well, "Yuri is my Job!" just counts as one of them.

We have main heroines that were connected in the past but due to some stuff happening it was broken apart. Now years later, they meet again and we get to see the struggle of these 2 working with one another. read more

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