Jul 31, 2021
Preliminary (41/? chp)
I really would like to give it more than just 4/10, I really wish I would be allowed to give it more than 4/10 but I just cant as of chapter 36. I love yuri, I read it non stop in any shape of form, am not afraid of reading drama heavy yuri as well, "Yuri is my Job!" just counts as one of them.

We have main heroines that were connected in the past but due to some stuff happening it was broken apart. Now years later, they meet again and we get to see the struggle of these 2 working with one another. Problem is, their past and current relationship is just based on nothing but misunderstandings to the point that looking for something geniue in that bond is really hard.

Now I get it, the story takes an apporach to the whole relationship with mindset "my love for you is not romantic" except the FMC acts and behaves in a way that gives of the feeling that she in fact has romantic feeling so everything she did contradicts with what she has been telling near chapter 36. The feelings I got afterwards were not that of anger nor disappointment but just pure confusion.

Now my worry for this series and overall score goes to with what Mangaka will try to show in the future. Rejection is not a light thing, being rejected is also pretty hard, you also cannot forget about being rejected for a sigificant amount of time and being away from the person that rejected you is the best possible solution. At the same hand, developing feelings for a person that you rejected is quite simple really hard to write. If FMC all of the sudden will start having doubts about what she did then I'm worried that the whole weight of the story will go to really low level. Mangaka really pulled their story in the apporach that is really hard to comeback from and make it actually conlcusive, satisfying and logical. There is an approach of abandoning the love all completly and no one gets to be in relationship but that would literally fell short and make the story just have no siginificant meaning.

In the end this story is trying so hard to be something that ultimately fails to accomplish and contradicts with itself on so many levels. I hope that I can give it a 7 or even an 8 in the future with more chapters but as of now a 4 is everything that I can think of.

Would not recommend for Yuri fans that just want wholesome stuff, stay way.
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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