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May 17, 2014
ikasama-shoujo (All reviews)
One word that could sum up Kyou no Kira-kun for me is... bittersweet.

Story: 8/10

I don't think the story is very common but it's not original either. I mean when you say very common shoujo, for me it's:

"Unpopular girl will fall in love with the most popular guy in school. Many things will happen like girl confessing to boy but will get rejected but in the end they will end up together... but another guy will appear."

Something like that. Well Kyou no Kira-kun still has the same theme of "unpopular girl" and "popular boy" but there's a catch. The boy is sick and has only a read more
Mar 14, 2013
muntasir123 (All reviews)
"Its a promise.. 365 days before the blink of my eyes, ill keep staring at you"

The premise is fairly common, with the presence of manga's such as koizora, the theme of tragedy seems to reel in to both genders appealing to the readers sympathy.

The story starts off with a girl named Nino who is a shy girl who has a funky parrot who she likes talking too, and of course the main protagonist who is told he will die in less than a year.

The characters are fairly normal for a shoujo manga, there is nothing special about them. Apart from the fact read more

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