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Peach Mermaid

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Dec 4, 2017
isahbellah (All reviews)
I like mermaids. No, actually, I REALLY like mermaids. Whenever there's something even remotely mermaid-like, I jump the wagon to read/watch/own it.

... and, well, sometimes that leads me to this kind of stuff.

Momoiro Ningyo is about a mermaid (Run) who falls in love with a human (yeah, like we've never seen THAT before) and decides to grow legs so she can be with him. And by "be with him" I actually mean: HAVE SEX WITH HIM.

Problem #1: When she gets horny, her legs instantly turn into a tail, so... even if the guy wanted to, he CAN'T have sex with her
Problem #2: the potion she read more

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