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Ajin: Demi-Human

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Jan 9, 2016
ap1001 (All reviews)
I think this manga reflects a lot about the Japanese tendencies to think that everyone is plotting against them and paranoia of the author than anything else.

Sorry, allow me to rephrase that. Ajin is torture porn, the end.

To clarify, it is a torture porn without the porn part, The entire thing showed its brain damage the moment the Ajin were used as car crash dummy, yeah how one dimensional of you mr. bad guy. And I think the author misunderstood the meaning of "grey vs grey", and we got 1-dimensional bad guys (the big bad corporation guy) vs 1-dimensional bad guys (the big bad Ajin read more
Apr 26, 2014
GinMagi (All reviews)
Ajin are humans that cannot die. Seventeen years ago, they first appeared on a battlefield in Africa. Our main character turns out to be a Ajin and gets treated like he is some animal to be experimented on and everyone else sees him as a cash prize like an event being held everybody thinks they will get money if they hand in an Ajin even though Ajin are human other people don't see them as those adults were trying to kill the main character and smirking then they said let's see if he really is an Ajin. Long story short this manga has an interesting read more

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