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Witchcraft Works

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May 24, 2011
fiore777 (All reviews)
Being a mi-monthly series and sitting at six currently out it may seem a bit early to give this a score of any sort. Despite the simple premise of a strong girl needing to protect the lead it is done in a way I find to be absolutely charming.

The interactions between the two main characters, Kagari and Takimya makes for plenty of funny but also sweet moments. One of the elements I like best is how the powerful female lead doesn't smack around the male lead, all too common in other series for my tastes. Even better, she doesn't try to him him away. read more
Aug 11, 2015
Veneficia (All reviews)
Witch Craft Works: An underappreciated role reversal manga

The main characters I found them amazing, some would say they don't have much of a personality but I say they have the most. The little things they do are what you have to notice which reveals more of their personalities. Take for example Kagaris obsession with Takamiya which is very high almost yandere but the kuudere cools it down to deep jealousy. It will make you holler with laughter each time she throws a tantrum when a girl tries to get in the middle of her and Takamiya. The male protagonist Takamiya his reactions to Kagaris antics read more

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