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Sep 12, 2009
Faeverily (All reviews)
This manga is new, so I'll update this review later when I have more material to work with...

So far, the story has developed pretty quickly. We know that there are two twin sisters named Uehara Tsubasa and Sonoda Arisa. At first the series seems like a typical shoujo cutesy manga, but turns out to be a psychological detective-mystery. ARISA at times has charm, appeal, and comedy but also manages to send a chill down your spine. It definitely has a dark undertone and hidden meaning to it. The plotline captures interest and is pretty original. I admit I got sucked more and more into the read more
Apr 4, 2009
noobzilla (All reviews)
Though this seems like a "i love my sister so much" type of mushy shoujo manga, it is actually dark and sinister. The protagonist in trying to live the life of her sister is thrown into a strange classroom with creepy classmates that are all too perfect. She has no one she can trust or rely on, even the ones that seem trustworthy might turn out to be her worst enemy. So far it feels like a horror movie... I cant comment on the romance yet but in terms of mystery i will say that this is recommended

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