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Peach Heaven

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Jan 8, 2011
Maginox (All reviews)
So... I can't figure out exactly why I'm addicted to this little manga. There are at least 3 other mangas that have this exact same set up (girl is cute virgin student by day, expert erotica writer by night!)

So why am I giving this story a "10" overall? It's simply the best of it's /kind/. If you are ever going to try a smutty, simple, predictable plot shoujo based girl meets boy, boy secretly likes girl, misunderstandings and cute moments abound, few decoy characters thrown in, but eventually they get together in the chapter everyone has been waiting for... Well, this story is simply read more
Jun 4, 2010
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
Momoiro Heaven was, though short, a blast to read through. The characters were a change from:

Girl meets guy-----> Girl falls for guy

This ones a bit vague but it's more or less:

Girl meets guy -----> GUY falls for girl

But with twists that'll keep you reeling, honestly, I was like 'shoot. I didn't expect that to happen' which is a rare phrase for me to say.

The characters were something else, something else entirely. Their personalities were as different as salt from black pepper, and an entertaining combination at any rate. But as the story gets going we start to have glimpses of the characters and (I read more

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