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Knights of Sidonia

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Jun 30, 2014
Lightblind (All reviews)
A quick note: should you be interested in picking up this manga after viewing the 2014 anime adaptation, you can expect the same general story with a few very noticeable differences. The adaptation has streamlined and condensed the events depicted in chapters 1 – 26 or so, leaving out several events that are key to the manga. You may be confused if you don't start right at the beginning, which I greatly recommend. Both do certain things better than the other. The manga does include a “chapter 0” that was not adapted; make sure to look out for it!

Tsutomu Nihei's “Knights of Sidonia” is an read more
Jan 12, 2018
chrissy_poo_too (All reviews)
Years. For years I had an idyllic vision of how Knights of Sidonia would end. Heroic sacrifices, ruminations on loss, heartbreak, and the futility of a never ending battle, an epic, possibly tear-jerking conclusion to Sidonia's story.

But no.

Knights of Sidonia might have the most disappointing ending in all of manga. Characters arcs are thrown in the trash; plot lines come crashing down in flames. Carefully cultivated motifs that run throughout the entirety of the first 2/3rds of the manga are jettisoned in favor of a long, hard to follow action scene and a generic boss battle. Then, tragedy. We're subjected to the most sugary, cop-out, read more

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