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Mar 24, 2016
ZiggyTheCat (All reviews)
I dropped it after 5 chapters.
I couldn't quite take it all in.
This manga takes everything your insecurities ever echoed in your mind and put it in unapologetic print.
Took me like a week to forget it. Wish it had been sooner.
The art was ok but too too grotesque for Kasane which made it worse for me.
Kasane wasn't beautiful or average and only thinking that she was ugly, she was simply unattractive. This really brought out the ugly personalities of the other characters which made it wholly a negative experience.
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
The premise is really is.
Mar 24, 2016
CJ_hope (All reviews)

The plot itself was interesting and original, well, I never read anything like that before. At first, I thought the whole thing would be just the same thing over and over again (Her looking for a beauty to kiss with her magical lipstick to faceswap with that person). But it finally got interesting after 6 chapters.

ART (7)

Kasane is really gloomy and ugly. She is SO ugly that her face is almost caricatural and always shadowed. She even wears medic mask to hide her face. I really wished to see her 'normal' face, maybe by curiosity. The art in general was okay. The pretty people read more

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