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Domestic Girlfriend

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Sep 28, 2018
Limnir (All reviews)
This manga will go down in history as one of the greatest declines in writing quality.

The author, without spoiling much, writes in very serious issues and treats them as nothing and never shows us the consequences of actions. Chapter 52 to 114 is a brilliant example of this.

It's now got to the point, over 200 chapters in, where the author is just scratching their head thinking of how to force drama. Will they cheat? Will someone get stabbed? Is there gonna be a rape/murder/blackmail of some sort? Will MC make up his damn mind about a single thing (MC is a loser)?

The one saving grace read more
Jun 1, 2020
WisestofWolfies (All reviews)
I used to love reading this story. Week to week the drama it presented was realistic and in character, every conflict made sense, and was emotionally compelling. However, since Chapter 268, the story has fallen off the cliff in the most contrived nonsensical way imaginable and it's made me vehemently hate this story.

Before anyone asks, I was never part of the waifu wars involved with this manga. I related to Rui the most and wanted her to be happy, but I loved all the characters. What Kei Sasuga has done with the most recent chapters is fundamentally disrespect her characters, her audience, and this story, read more

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