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Gakuen Prince

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Aug 14, 2010
aiminaoko (All reviews)
This story is mostly about women's sexual desires and the need to fullfill them. That's what the WHOLE story is about. This is a completely ecchi story with lots and lots of sex and attempt rape (the women being the rapists). If you aren't weak hearted then you might enjoy this manga. this story isn't anything like a normal high school experience though, some of it is just WAY out there.

However, when all the sex and ecchi scenes are taken out, there is a romantic story going on underneath all of this, starting from protecting someone to actually developing feelings. Heartache and betrayal leads read more
Jun 5, 2021
HiddenSilentMe (All reviews)
Gakuen Ouji is something you'd expect from a Shoujo and while it starts off strong, it goes downhill rather quickly and ends in a rushed manner. It's a shame too, because the story did start off with tons of potential.

Story (spoilers here, sorry): The messed up. An all female high school starts including guys and while you may think there will be some weird hijinks here and there, it ends up much worse. The majority of the women at this elite school a rapists and sexual offenders. The men have to choose between going with the flow and letting the women have their read more

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