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The Café Terrace and its Goddesses

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Sep 22, 2021
IWS_141_AS20 (All reviews)
After reading 30 chapters, i'm sure that Megami no Café Terrace is the best answer for question about how to create a good main character in harem manga.

Hayato, no family, young, "lonely" in a big house, having a life with 5 different girls suddenly. From the beginning, many pepole will hate him because of his overconfident and arrogance. But, Hayato is a boy willing to realize mistake and try to fix it immediately, learn every thing necessary to re-open and earn more in his Cafe.

Akane, Riho, Ouka, Ami, Shiragiku, each girl has characters different form the others:

- Akane - cold but easily shy if read more
Aug 16, 2021
brugmansia (All reviews)
A solid slice-of-life series that is all-around a calm and relaxing read. Don't expect too much from the story; we're only 25 chapters in, and Seo Kouji is known for taking an extremely long time in his exposition. So sit back and enjoy the wistful character interactions, the sumptuous fanservice, and the occasional heart-pounding glimpses of romance.

-- all of it is executed perfectly, as expected from a veteran mangaka who was once known as the king of shounen romance. I'm sticking with this series because:

1. The art is breathtaking, especially the characters. Seriously, look at the girls. The way Seo draws his girls is reminiscent read more

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