Sep 22, 2021
Preliminary (30/? chp)
After reading 30 chapters, i'm sure that Megami no Café Terrace is the best answer for question about how to create a good main character in harem manga.

Hayato, no family, young, "lonely" in a big house, having a life with 5 different girls suddenly. From the beginning, many pepole will hate him because of his overconfident and arrogance. But, Hayato is a boy willing to realize mistake and try to fix it immediately, learn every thing necessary to re-open and earn more in his Cafe.

Akane, Riho, Ouka, Ami, Shiragiku, each girl has characters different form the others:

- Akane - cold but easily shy if Hayato finds her weakness.

- Riho - always happy, active, but inside, she always scared be lonely and easily cries like a child if she faces with tough problems.

- Ouka - toughest, hardest girl everytime she faces with Hayato, and she is only one knowing his favorite food.

- Ami - always makes Hayato have a headace or suffer from her stupid and naive actions. She is the believable protector for Goddess cafe terrace. Sometimes, her martial makes him piss off =)))

- Shiragiku - secretest girl being best at cooking and household, but after chapter 30, she seems to know someting about Hayato she doesn't want to tell him.

Development progresses so smooth and logic. Hayato, doing everything for himself or girls by normal and exquisite ways, not silly or comical like normal harem mangas. He cares but never go to far about their peronal life. Hayato is still young, and surly he will show the weakness inside him, chapter 30 proved it. Outstanding!

Hopefully, Megami no cafe terrace will keep going and shining. Seo! Don't do anything toughly like Fuuka. Please!
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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