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  • Manga Score: 7.32
  • Author: Rei Taki
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Volumes: 3
  • DB title: Last Gender: Nanimono demo Nai Watashitachi
  • Rating: 18 and up
  • Genres: DramaRomanceSeinen
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Jun 21, 2023
Helvian494743 (All reviews)
Gender is an often very difficult subject to breakdown, especially doing it in a manga non-fiction format, unlike academic circles that tackle the issue with assumed familiarity, or queer circles where people have been forced to examine the topic for a chance at self understanding. When it comes to non-fiction tackling of LGBT issues, it is quite easy to come across as preachy and is easy to fall into the same rote default framing. Something like "It's fine to be LGBT, we're normal, society should change to accept us". There is nothing inherently wrong with this, all three of these claims are correct. But correctness read more
Sep 4, 2023
juee (All reviews)
Rei Taki has created a beautiful story with characters that so realistically reflect those of us in the real world.

Everyone should read this, it so wonderfully captured the experience of my journey of self-discovery and I'm sure it did for many others. Works like these are not only a wonderful read, they are educational for those that have differing views and can also be opening doors to those that have yet to figure out an undiscovered glow within them. I'm sure you'll cry for those that hurt and smile for those that find themselves, Rei Taki has brought these 2 dimensional characters to life, read more

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