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Kowloon Generic Romance

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May 23, 2020
SiriusTimeKeeper (All reviews)
Past & Current / Love vs Amnesia/ Mystery & Suspense

Imagine yourself standing in front of your lover or a person you secretly admired. But today, there is something peculiar about the person. He/she has a completely different personality (with no past memory) and you can never change his/her personality back. Will you still love the familiar stranger?

!!!Minor Spoilers!!!

Story: 9
If you have watched a movie called “The Vow”, it has a similar vibe to it; moreover, in the current state, vines of mysteries and suspense is going to crawl over your brain as the story progresses.

Since this manga is relatively new, I will give it a read more
Jan 24, 2024
So i just read this full recently, until latest translated chapter. And having it read before, this is the equivalent to The series called Lost.

In Lost, each episode you are bombared with new information and new lore. But what kowloon does not get a grip at is that they never reveal the lore, presumably in the last chapters of this manga everything will be explained.

Following is my opinion. Why tf is there gay seggs between a psychopathic male doctor and a most likely a modefied male human. And all of a sudden this now about the 2 of them solving this "CONSPIRACY OOGGAAA read more

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