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Jul 18, 2020
Road of Becoming Celebrities/ Thriller & Revenge

Planning on reading this manga?
I will say hold it until this manga reaches chapter 25.

So far, I am 11 Chapters in. Is this manga good or bad?
No idea. The first 9 chapters of this manga are paving the background of the story and the “actual story” begins from chapter 10. Thus, I am still not convinced to give this manga a great score.

I can see the story creator for “Kaguya sama” trying to be “unique” with the storyline. But, so many doubts and so many hopes&potentials.

Story: 5~9 (can fluctuate a lot since the storyline is way read more
Jul 8, 2020
Kentarou san?

Gender Bender?
Doesn’t Matter!

OH YES BABY! You mean potential creatures that will have tentacles or liquids that melt clothes. OWO

Story & Characters: 6/10 (Story isn’t the key reason I read Kentarou’s work. As long as it has “females” in the story, this is a standard 6. Be warned though, the story is gonna digress. But, who cares? :P)
Art: 20/10 (Those Curves. Oh Babyyyyyyyyy~~ I AM COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!. )
Enjoyment: ROCK SOLID HARD ;) 10!! Reading Kentarou san's work is not merely an enjoyment. It is a passion!
Overall: 8

Flipping through Kentarou san’s work is like reading the sacred texts of Ecchi. If you read more
Jul 2, 2020
Mashle (Manga) add (All reviews)
Do not drop this manga after reading the first chapter~~!!! Don’t be like my past self!!!

-The art style of this manga isn’t top tier like some others.
-The beginning of the manga is boring.
-Why should I keep on reading?
If you have those thoughts in mind, you are just like my past self.

-Indeed, the art isn’t top tier; however, the art will be a lot cleaner.
-Yes. Art is important. But… the strongest suit of this manga is its creativity in the STORYLINE. Even though it does contain a lot of elements from other stories/manga style, the plot of the manga is hella unique since the plot read more
May 23, 2020
What the hell!? This is not the normal fantasy that I have been reading!? No ecchiness. No heroes seeking revenge or victory. None of those flashiness and cliche plots.

Only about life, death, and memory. Bittersweet.

In this manga, we are going to see how Frieren, an elf, deals with the "unfortunate" immortality inherited from her race and the memories she made through a seemingly never-ending life journey.

It has been a long time since I kinda teared up while reading a manga. Goosebumps.

P.S. The first chapter of this manga hits me like a truck as if the time I finished "Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana read more
May 23, 2020
Past & Current / Love vs Amnesia/ Mystery & Suspense

Imagine yourself standing in front of your lover or a person you secretly admired. But today, there is something peculiar about the person. He/she has a completely different personality (with no past memory) and you can never change his/her personality back. Will you still love the familiar stranger?

!!!Minor Spoilers!!!

Story: 9
If you have watched a movie called “The Vow”, it has a similar vibe to it; moreover, in the current state, vines of mysteries and suspense is going to crawl over your brain as the story progresses.

Since this manga is relatively new, I will give it a read more
May 7, 2020
Before reading this manga, I knew I have to prepare some tissues. But, I didn’t expect using all of them to wipe my tears.

Story: 9 (Sophisticated, alluring, context-filled, plot-twists, and straight to the point.What you can ask for more? Each chapter has its own story and isn't related to each other. Since I don’t really like chapter 1, I will give it a -1)
Art: 10 (Those curves and eyes *Gasp*. This female artist got some skills…)
Character: 10 (Whenever each chapter begins, ivies seem to have climbed through the computer screen and tried to drawn me in as if I am part of the story. read more
Mar 28, 2020
Food & Scenery/ Sex & Love/ Suicidal & Meaning of Life

“Most things in this world can be solved with money.” (Phrased from Yukionna, Chapter 7/ Page 9)

Legitimate statement. Yet, it also raises two important questions.
What if the problem you are facing can’t be solved with the money you possess?
What if you don’t even have the money to solve any single problem?
With these two questions confronting Kita (Male MC) and Ayame (female MC), their paths intertwine. And just like that, the road trip of “absolutely no return”, or aka. “after eating Hokkaido crab then die”, begins.

!Minor Spoilers!
This isn’t a manga for “delightful" experience. It is going read more
Feb 1, 2020
Let’s be real. I know why you plan to/click on this manga. :P

But… is this worth 30 minutes of your time?

If you can spare those minutes for relaxation —> Yeah
If you have this manga open and your girl is asking you to f***—> o.O??? Of course not...
If you are as tired as the male MC —> Hell no and please go to sleep...

Minor Spoiler!
Story: 7
Slice of life with NO SEX. The female MC is the most saint-like succubus I have read in my whole life. It makes me wonder if succubi nowadays are virgins.

Art: 9
After completing this manga, I did some research. Seems read more
Feb 1, 2020
An absolutely BORING Isekai story
An AMAZING illustrator turns this into a gem…

!Minor Spoiler!
This is a harem story by the way.
You thought this manga supports monogamous relationships? You are so wrong.
I was wrong though x( Took me 30-somethingish chapter to figure out.

Story: 5
My goodness… absolutely mediocre

Art: 10
Straight up $$$ dawg. My timber can’t stop growing in length in certain chapters brethren. Those depictions of provocative body lines of Roxanne. God Daymmmmmmmmmmmm $-$

Enjoyment: 7.5
Q: Will you keep on reading this manga?
A: Yeah
Q: Why?
A: Roxanne
Q: Any other thing you would like to add?
A: I hate this manga.
Q: Why?
A: The word “Monthly”

Overall: 7.5
Whenever I finish read more
Dec 5, 2019
Slice of life of living together as a couple

Just like a milk pudding, this manga is simple but sweet; however, the more puddings you are given to read, the more pudding you will crave.

For readers who are single and are fervently craving for a partner, this manga’s sweetness has sufficient intensity to blind you whenever you read it. Thus, please wear your sunglasses whenever you read this manga.

Story: 8.5
Simple, yet that is how love stories usually are. However, the story flows well and is creative.

Art: 7
I will say the art is a tiny bit mediocre. There can still be a lot of improvements since read more