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Fairy Tail S

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Jan 28, 2017
Steersky (All reviews)
Mod Note: This review was originally posted for "Fairy Tail x Rave", which was subsequently merged into "Fairy Tail S".

*Disclaimer: The TLDR is at the bottom.*

Like Fairy Tail and Rave's main story, Fairy Tail x Rave is exciting, action-based, and lighthearted. Unlike Fairy Tail, which as of now has over 500 chapters and counting, Fairy Tail x Rave is short and sweet and embodies what was good about Fairy Tail in its beginnings: carefree fun.

One-shots and mashups like this one don't take themselves seriously the way their parent shonens tend to. If you're a fan of Rave, Fairy Tail, or Hiro Mashima's work read more

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