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May 25, 2017
What do you get when you take a plot about an arranged marriage between a 16 year-old girl and a 37 year-old man in Feudal Japan, and throw in some supernatural elements, as well as strict rules of engagement? You get 'Ne Ne Ne', a story that somehow manages to make these elements come together in an endearing, natural way. Nothing about the age difference seems forced despite the concept sounding problematic; it's handled in a light-hearted, innocent way, as both mains are very pure. It's a short pilot, but 'Ne Ne Ne' is worth the read as it's in the process of being adapted read more
Jan 28, 2017
*Disclaimer: The TLDR is at the bottom.*

Like Fairy Tail and Rave's main story, Fairy Tail x Rave is exciting, action-based, and lighthearted. Unlike Fairy Tail, which as of now has over 500 chapters and counting, Fairy Tail x Rave is short and sweet and embodies what was good about Fairy Tail in its beginnings: carefree fun.

One-shots and mashups like this one don't take themselves seriously the way their parent shonens tend to. If you're a fan of Rave, Fairy Tail, or Hiro Mashima's work in general, this short adventure is well worth your time.


Story -6
Art -7
Character -7
Enjoyment -8
Overall -7
Jan 28, 2017
*Disclaimer: Before I get on with my review, it should be noted that this series is listed as 'finished' with 5 volumes and 31 chapters here on, but unless you've taken the time to read the entire synopsis listed here, or have had the foresight to do research, you may not be aware that the series has been put on an indefinite hiatus due to Natsuki Takaya's health (mangaka), and has no immediate plans to continue the story. So, technically the series is 'finished', but not completed, meaning that there's a very good chance that the story will never have a satisfying ending or read more
Mar 16, 2015
*Disclaimer: The TLDR is at the bottom.*

Not your typical magical girl transformation shojo, to say the least: 'Full Moon o Sagashite' is much more than that. It's a story about second chances and the pursuit of self-love, forgiveness and redemption.

The characters are layered so wonderfully, and grow naturally as the story progresses. Arina Tanemura does a fantastic job interweaving the relationships and back-stories within Full Moon's universe; you'll find yourself falling in love with all of her characters over and over again. She masterfully and delicately handles the topic of childhood illness and young love. Somehow, she is able to keep the atmosphere of read more
Nov 14, 2014
Naruto (Manga) add (All reviews)
*Disclaimer: Before I get on with my review, let me first say, that I never finished reading this series. SPOILERS BELOW. The TLDR is at the bottom.*

Now there will be no confusion over my perspective as a reader. I tried reading Naruto. I got about two thirds of the way through the series before I lost interest completely. Still, I struggled on for another couple dozen chapters before my efforts as a fan, and a completionist, were not enough to get me through the rest. Ultimately, I gave up. At the time, the manga was still ongoing, and with no end in sight, I read more