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Love of Kill

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Jan 5, 2021
deadoptimist (All reviews)
This josei/shoujo astonishes you with great fighting scenes and an intricate mystery plot, but may disappoint romance-wise for several reasons. Yet in the end it is a story about a relationship, for better and for worse. In my opinion, worse. Is action shoujo a flawed concept by design? I hope not. But Koroshi Ai, while mostly enjoyable, sure makes you wonder.

Koroshi Ai is one of the pixiv-born series, which I will be calling “ASMR-manga” starting now, because they get their popularity thanks to a particular tone/mood and when serialized cultivate it. In Koroshi Ai it’s a suspenseful romance where a fox eyed cool assassin read more
May 14, 2019
Juziy (All reviews)
Koroshi Ai is less on the romance, and more on the plot/action/mystery.

It starts off with the main characters on opposing sides, but the enemy theme isn’t that prevalent after that, though the main characters do not easily consider themselves as comrades or on the same side either. The way trust and suspicion works in this manga is something that makes sense to me as a reader.

Now, about the premise. Guy who happens to be a murderer and totally suspicious stalks girl after finding her interesting... maybe. It doesn’t seem like it’s all the silly and simple though. If you’re hoping for a love at first read more

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