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All-Rounder Meguru

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May 20, 2010
ex0 (All reviews)
Since no one has written a review yet, i'll do a basic one.

Story revolves around a karateka, meguru, and him doing shooto/mma and his trials and tribulations. It's pretty realistic in it's depiction of training and real world physics.

Art is very crisp, clean and easy to follow and character designs are very sharp and defined too. If you've read Hiroki Endo's other masterpiece, Eden, you should be familiar with the art style. Since this is all about the fights, i'll go into extra detail concerning this. You can tell Endo knows what he's writing/drawing about. I was really impressed with his depiction of fights in read more
Jan 23, 2011
RogueAngelX (All reviews)
This is the very first review I have written on this site, so bear with me if it is shoddy work. At the time this review was written I had read only up to the end of volume 4 (chapter 38), so my opinion will only be up to that point.

Story: All Rounder-Meguru focus' on Meguru, a former karateka who is now training mixed martial arts. In his first amateur fight, he was astonished to be fighting his childhood friend Takashi sporting a large flower tattoo on his left shoulder. Takashi proved early that he was leagues ahead of Meguru at that point and Meguru read more

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