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  • Manga Score: 6.89
  • Author: Masaaki Nakayama
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Volumes: 6
  • DB title: Kouishou Radio
  • Rating: 18 and up
  • Genres: HorrorSeinen
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PTSD Radio

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Jun 14, 2020
Gorbacov (All reviews)
At first glance I thought that this manga will be just bunch of short horror stories with no plot what so ever but after reading it i realized that every story is connected in some way or another.

Story: even though story is not finished yet i can understand some small parts. It's about old japanese rituals and one town which is affected by them. I still dont understand it completely but mystery is best thing about this manga. One more intresting thing is that on the last panel of every chapter face is starting to form slowly while you going through them.

Art: I can't say read more
Feb 11, 2023
Vaenny (All reviews)
Gonna place all the cards on the table. I don't think I can continue reading this manga. Not because it's bad, far from it. Simply holding this manga feels like... a curse. It's like I'm not supposed to be reading it. Every page has a friggin' jumpscare, and every time I turn the page, I shiver in fear hoping the next page isn't gonna be another jumpscare. Of all the horror manga I've read, this has gotta be the only one that genuinely made me afraid of reading it. Sure, Junji Ito's stories are scary, but they're also mezmerizing to the point that you want read more

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