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Mar 6, 2021
This manga is not for someone who hate many plot twists, gore and weird love triangles. But if you ever wondered about having spider gf, you found what you wanted.

Art: I love this art style. Its so clean and easy to look at, but still pulled off really well. All character are well designed. 10/10

Story: This story have more plot twists thane Yakusoku no Neverland. Spider yandere gf that eats people? Or something else? You must check on you own. You think something will happen and then you are surprised by something new. Some plot holes are expected, but they are not that important. read more
Jun 14, 2020
At first glance I thought that this manga will be just bunch of short horror stories with no plot what so ever but after reading it i realized that every story is connected in some way or another.

Story: even though story is not finished yet i can understand some small parts. It's about old japanese rituals and one town which is affected by them. I still dont understand it completely but mystery is best thing about this manga. One more intresting thing is that on the last panel of every chapter face is starting to form slowly while you going through them.

Art: I can't say read more