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High School DxD (light novel)

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Sep 29, 2014
Gary29 (All reviews)
To begin, this review is spoiler-free, so if you've watched the anime and are contemplating reading the light novels you don't need to worry about being spoiled with my review.

Simply put, Highschool DxD is an amazing light novel. If you enjoyed the anime at all, I can absolutely guarantee that you will love this. With season 3 approaching, the anime has literally only begun to cover where the series really starts to get good. And from that point on, the fantastic ride that is DxD only gets better. And better. And better. Hell, volume 19 will be released in 2 months and it's STILL getting read more
Jul 11, 2012
Unknown7777 (All reviews)
Great novel currently at volume 12 waiting for English translations of later ones. The story is definitely fun and entertaining, development of characters is very well thought out. Although you can its a typical harem as far as relationships towards the main male protagonist, and there is a lack of interesting drama. Won't say too much about it as it'll ruin volume 11 which was interesting since its probably the one instance of surprise, which gets quickly dispelled in the following volume. Would of been better to see that issue to have been drawn out longer or at least not have a chapters prior to read more

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