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Jul 11, 2012
Aquarion Evol (Anime) add
Preliminary (24/26 eps)
The series definitely started off strong, and had alot more going on between characters then the prequel which focused mostly on slyvia and apollo's relationship. It was great all the way up till they throw in probably one of the most pathetic plot twists I've ever seen, that being completely ruining the story of the first one, which had a pretty much well ingrained fact that apollo was the reincarnation of apollonius. But they throw that out and say that he wasn't bust instead hes the reincarnation of the dog, which isn't shown in the previous series at all, maybe the other retelling they show ...
Jul 11, 2012
Preliminary (30/240 chp)
Great novel currently at volume 12 waiting for English translations of later ones. The story is definitely fun and entertaining, development of characters is very well thought out. Although you can its a typical harem as far as relationships towards the main male protagonist, and there is a lack of interesting drama. Won't say too much about it as it'll ruin volume 11 which was interesting since its probably the one instance of surprise, which gets quickly dispelled in the following volume. Would of been better to see that issue to have been drawn out longer or at least not have a chapters prior to ...
Jun 23, 2012
Preliminary (42/? chp)
Volume one probably the best so far that I've read in the series known as Sword Art Online, the characters are deep, and you end up developing an equal sentimental attachment of virtual world it all takes place. The romance may come about a little fast pace but you quickly forget about it as you find yourself quickly rapped up in how intimate and deep it is. By the end you definitely will get emotional, I won't say any spoilers but its a proper end to the whole story.

But wait theres more, I skipped over the side stories and went right to the essential ...