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That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!

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Nov 14, 2016
leifaleifa (All reviews)
I read this all in one sitting, so it kept my attention and also was short enough to be a one-time read.

Story 8/10 It's certainly not the first of it's kind, people who are actually animals. But it's a very soft spin on it, definitely one of my preferred shoujo-romances.

Art 7/10 Not the best, but it was beautiful to look at. If at all, id stay for the art.

Character 7/10 For the few characters that did get any development, it was done splendidly. Only gave it a seven because there was room for more.

Enjoyment 8/10 I really love a good read more
Mar 4, 2016
Liliubel (All reviews)
Story: 6/10

Komugi moves to another town to live with her father. There she meets 4 boys that end up being animals (just what the title suggests with that ookami) and she will have to keep their secret, but not everything is that simple.

In general the story is interesting. But I find it way too short. The main plot, which is the romance between Komugi and Yuu is well developed but I would have loved to see more about Yuu's past and his friends' lives.

Art: 6/10

Not my favourite type of art to be honest. The faces are pretty but the bodies seem a little bit off. read more

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