Nov 30, 2008
shadowsaiph (All reviews)
This movie, out of all the Pokemon movies, is my absolute favorite.

The story line keeps you guessing, no matter what part it is at. I could watch this movie over and over and over again, and the ending is very moving. Anyone, even those who don't like Pokemn that much, will find this story absolutely great.

They had a lot of new art, and the setting was beautiful.They had a lot of fun with the outfits (in the beginning). I did not see any art errors whatsoever.

I loved the theme song (it is my favorite one) and I loved the ending song as well. All the songs in the middle during the different scenes really set the tone and mood. I have no complaints.

The whole thing with Lucario being involved was a true throw-off from what the Pokemon series is use to. The only characters that are humans are extreme minor characters (except the Pokemon Hunter; she was a Major Minor character, but she did not fill an important role).

I loved this moving. Whenever I watch the ending, I can't help but shead tears. I could watch this over and over, and I wouldn't get sick of watching it.

Overall, this is my absolute favorite Pokemon Movie so far. It has great backbones in the plot, and they did a lot of changes I wish would continue throughout the rest of the movies and series.