Nov 30, 2008
shadowsaiph (All reviews)
This Pokemon Movie, I'd have to say was good for the most part.

The story plot was FAIR. When I originally heard about the movie, I thought it would be much much much different. Since I've been a Pokemon Fan for most of my life, I was expecting the movies to have much more of a Climatical part. It did not have a true "climax" per se. It was an average movie with an average storyline.

The art was nothing special. The best art I saw was at the very end. The art was just as if it was a regular old Pokemon episode.

Sound was my favorite part. I loved the theme song in both English and Japanese, and I loved how the ending theme stayed the same. I also loved the song Aracion.

Of course, Ash, Brock, and Dawn make an appearance, being the main Characters. I didn't see anything outstanding in the adding of the movie characters. Just like the episodes, there was nothing that made them stand out.

When I watch a movie, I want to have somewhat the same thrill of when I watched it the very first time. I want it to be moving. When I watched this movie, I saw it all. I only re-watch it if my friends wants to see it again or if I was going to be in a Pokemon TCG tourney the next day.

Overall, it earns a fair 7. It was decent the first time through, but after that, it just gets boring and more boring.