Apr 21, 2013
Jiejie (All reviews)
So, this is my first Review on my favorite manga and anime, KamiNomi!
I'll try to keep it short and clean c:

-Story & Overall-
What I would like to announce, this is not your regular average harem anime. It has a good plot and idea to it, actually and it does make sense in the world it was created into!
The way that the main character has to wear consequences and plan out his actions is just entertaining (as are the dialogs) and it definitely made me sit down and read/ watch.
KamiNomi does not try to be more than what it is and keeps going at it's own pace, always introducing different situations and new challenges the main characters have to face.

Well, it is drawn by none other than Watanabe Akio - the designs, actually. If you watched and are fan of the Bakemono/Nisemono series, you already noticed this.
It really depends on the taste, though - I enjoyed watching the Art style for KamiNomi, however being a great SHAFT studio fan, I would have preferred (and as with many other shows I enjoy) if they had put in more visual effects like turning around and basically what Shaft does... *trails off*

The uniform designs are unique as hell - I seriously haven't seen anything like those before and it makes me want to wear them as well~!

Music wise, can I say that the Openings are epic? Have you seen an anime with Orchestra music yet? I mean really?
Whenever I listen to it, I feel like I am going to watch some church/Religion anime -- But the fact is, the music is heavenly. That s the only way to describe it.

Oh the characters...
We have two main ones, Elsie and Keima.

Keima, your average gamer boy who hates reality to it's last bits. His character is simple - in a way, yet very well handled and developed to make the series to what it originally is. He is a very likeable character (not like some douches from other harem animes *cough*Makoto*cough cough*)

Elsie, your kind demon who comes from Hell and guides Keima to fulfill their mission! (Not spoiling much)
Very naive and innocent, Elsie is seen to be closed into people's heart quite easily. She is silly and her obsession with trains--

Scratch that, those were fire trucks, I'm sorry!
A big thank you Zaraquiel99 for pointing that out!

-- is just so out of nowhere, it is almost creative. I never saw a character with such interest, really now.

The rest of the cast is not shunned or put into a corner either - they each have their own backstory, flaws and emotions, giving us a deeper, in-depth look to them and not being handled as some harem-element.

I see quite a lot of people who enjoy and like KamiNomi.
I even buy the volumes that I can get my hands on - it is the most bought manga I have in my room, which consist of 5 vols already.
I really do want to support Tamaki and his work, so I do not regret spending my money on this manga. At all.

He deserves it.


And that was my short review~ I hope I could convince you at some point... ; - ;
Please just give it a try at least! >/////