Nov 12, 2008
leonmcnicol (All reviews)
Fall Series~ Back to reviewing to art thou...^__^

Story: 6/10
As most harem series being the "sudden girlfriend" approach plus the childhood friend twist makes this series kind of bland and *ugh* overused. After To Love-Ru and countless other same harem series with comedic + ecchi moments...this is as far as this series goes for me. Also redundant are the loli sister, comic one at school and of setting.

Art: 7/10
Artwork is good but with some roughly drawn battle scenes and under-par chibi shots, it needs some improvements on this department. HAL is known to make cutesy animation type but so far, this needs some work.

Sound: 6/10
OP and ED themes are catchy but not much charisma to draw much attention to most viewers. BGM and SE from the scenes are also normal with not much spice in it to entice.

Character: 8/10
Probably, this department is the only one that excels on this rating, mainly due to veternan VA being utilized effectively for each of the characters. With the likes of Chiwa Saito, Rie Kugimiya, Ryoko Shiraishi, Eri Kitamura, Lala-san (Haruka Tomatsu) and loli-voiced Mai Goto in the VA line-up, each of them portrayed unique characteristics such as Sanpeita (Eri), Kemeko and Emuemu (Haruka and Chiwa) and the unusual deviation of Rie Kugimiya from tsundere character to a different one for this anime.

Enjoyment: 6/10
At the first few episodes, I admit I was laughing off the jokes and comic situations even with the sexual innuendos and ecchi moments but as it progresses, the comical side slowly fades and becomes repetitive. I'm hoping that the series will finish on a good note since Kemeko DX is just slated for maybe a 13 or 24 episode run.

Overall: 7/10
Kemeko DX was supposed to be a fresh approach for this year's Fall Anime Lineup but with the recent disappointment of To Love-Ru and my epic failure of a rating to Kamen no Maid Guy, we hope that this series would make a turn for the good but I remain pessimistic since most sudden-GF/ecchi/harem series ended up a sour taste in an otaku's mouth.

Recommend? - Maybe to those who want a few good laughs in the beginning...
Replay Value (Once?) - Uhhh, maybe just for the LULZ yeah..
(Twice?) - I don't think its necessary.

A second season might fill in BIG GAPS in the story next time, who knows? ^_^

Thanks for taking time to read. ^__^