Mar 27, 2013
Tanshaydar (All reviews)
Urobuchi Gen broke my heart with Saya no Uta and make me addicted to his works. I have come to know him more, and I can say that he is a writer full of hatred.
And I can say that, Psycho-Pass is the most humane story of Urobuchi Gen.

Taking place in a not far future, a dystopian place, Psycho-Pass is a great criticism to human nature itself, both as individuals and community. It is interesting to see that these matters were not put in a subtle way, but a more direct way. It's so unlike Urobuchi Gen, but that is one of the few reasons to make it his most humane story.

Solitude... Being part of a community... Allegedly given freedom... A future that is sealed even before the act takes place. Everything is decided for you and yet you still live a life that is yours. However, what will happen when the walls that are protecting you fall part? And maybe worst? It makes you to question. Were they made to keep the danger outside, or were they made to keep you inside? What will be the side you'll be taking when those walls fade?

Characters of Psycho-Pass touches almost everyone's life. Almost everyone can find something related to themselves in them. Obsession, parenthood, patriotism, humanism, idealism, solitude, search, a lesser evil, a greater good, an impossible choice, incomprehensible and unacceptable yet still undeniable facts... Nothing is up to you to decide, yet you have to make a choice. It is the very essence of Psycho-pass, desperation.
Every single character in this story suffers from it, and takes shape with it. It will be up to you to decide the good and evil... again.

Science fiction, action, detective... These may be the genres to describe Psycho-Pass, and it may look like it only speaks for a very specific part of viewers, but not only it fills those genres quite well, but also it speaks for other viewers too. If you are looking for something that makes sense, that you'll both enjoy and question paradigms while watching, Psycho-Pass is something you should never miss.