Jan 23, 2013
Tragic (All reviews)
As a seinen manga.... i would really recommend it... it don't know about other readers but for me this manga is worth the read specially people who have medical background or hospital experience. I share same experiences in the real world, specially about the corrupt part and i think the author really did his research. Art is somewhat good because

it doesn't have to be detailed to be understood..everything is with the story... the art complements the story very well. And it was drawn very well.. especially female characters.

Characters are of course impossible in the real world but as a manga they are very interesting since all characters are very human like , mentally and emotionally.

Enjoyment is like a popular asian drama unfolding... I did feel excited sometimes and all sorts of emotions maybe because some scenes also happened in my past.

Overall verdict is that this is not for fantasy people... this is High drama with a lot of commonality to the american series "House" except that it is about surgery.