Jan 16, 2013
Sakura72 (All reviews)
When I began watching this anime, I checked it out because it seemed girly and fun. I have a thing for love triangles and this one seemed perfect. BUT I have to say it let me down terribly. So every one should take this as a WARNING review. I will include all the pros and cons of this show. Kindly keep in mind that I am writing this as a newbie to anime.

The show starts out funny and without making much sense. I expected typical slapstick humour and a bit of romance. The first episode was hilarious but from then it went from being a bag of mixed emotions to utterly painful to watch. This is my first in experiencing difficulty in watching an anime. It was like a bad Asian drama with crappy writing.

I have never seen a girl as indecisive as Momo. Just when I expect that she will redeem herself, she does something which made me struggle to like her. I think the last 4-5 episodes did permanent damage to her character. The writing and her actions were way out of line. No matter how much I enjoy the 'being with two people at once' concept, Momo was the height of indecisiveness. She wasn't that great to begin with and these actions made her even less likable. She kept going back and forth between both guys which was plain tiring to watch. I actually have to say I disliked her immensely. I also have the complaint that she cried too much.

Touji wasn't great till some episodes, but there was a time when I started liking him. Then he disappeared from the radar and when he came back, I didn't care about him anymore. There was nothing about his character that interested me. He and Momo got on my nerves pretty badly when they enjoyed being lovey dovey or making out.

The only character I cared about was Kairi. If he hadn't been there, I would have dropped this show by the 2nd or 3rd episode. I really found him funny and loved his many sides. Then again the writer tries to throw in stuff and make him into an indecisive jerk. I was okay with that too. Then came some more dumb situations and all that was left was a poor version of Kairi who had become the victim of bad writing. His character had so much potential but the writer ruined it all by the end by making him mopey and annoying.

Then there was Sae who I absolutely despised. She was a tad too good at manipulating people. She provided for most of the drama and was a catalyst for most of the plot. I couldn't believe it but she turned out to be very entertaining in the last half. She remained herself and toned down her evil side a little. I liked what she did to get the couple I wanted in the end together. Her actions aren't forgivable, but since she went through hell herself I thought it was alright.

The only reason to hang on for the show is its ending. It was how I wanted and Momo finally picked the right guy. I still wasn't happy that she was making out with the other guy till minutes before she decides to choose him. I, as a viewer was still in doubt whether she still stuck to him forever or not. Momo wasn't very reliable.

Anyway- the anime has great humour which also gets lackluster by the end. It is a roller coaster in a bad way, because say that you enjoy riding it but it always makes you feeling ill. The experience of watching this anime was similar. I enjoyed it but I am not too happy with it. I am just glad that it is over. I think I need a break from romantic anime.