Jan 15, 2013
Baddie007 (All reviews)
Bueno, what can I say about this anime........frankly it was beautiful, I like the romance between Naoto and Natsumi, but unfortunately, this anime was a diactomy where one part dwells on the dark side of romance and the other part was on lighter side of romance. Thought the romance and harem genre are pretty generic, this is probably the only anime that focuses on both the dark and the lighter sides of the two mentioned genre with such particularization on the harem's seduction on the MC. Ok, it was pretty obvious that the members of the harem are trying to seduce their way into the MC's heart, not because of who the MC was but because what the MC is and it so happens that the MC was the show's script writer and for the members of the harem to get more roles is to be more popular in show business. Thought, the romance part of this anime was focus on Naoto and Natsumi it wasn't clear if Natsumi was also among those who was taking advantage of Naoto or does she have feelings for him and frankly if there is something enjoyable about this anime that would be the ecchi that come with this anime's genre.

My ratings for each categories of this anime:

Story and enjoyment: Fair 6.

The anime itself does have a good story as well as a good plot, but It was the execution that was way too off.

Art and sound: Good 7.

Fanservice, me sue me.

The sound,I simply like this anime's ending theme and believe or not I'm still listening to and I've downloaded every device I have from my smart phone to my laptop.

Overall: Poor 3.

Generally speaking, it was quite a drag that the romance part between the character's I've mentioned was on an uncertainty, The only consolation here were the fanservice that goes around and I much as I hate to say it, that's as good as it get's.