Oct 2, 2008
Preliminary (27/96 chp)
After looking at the first sites of manga i thought: "What the bloody..?!", but since I had exactly nothing to do I started to read it, and, obviously, became addicted.

I don't know if author had some serious memories coennected with drooling girls in school or what, but he made a fabulous comic.

Not much too tell about it. Two young people in their school years. Anything other can by explained with tags. There should be also an "ecchi" tag, though.

Oldschool. A bit like "Ranma 1/2".

Although the plot is a bit.. paranormal.. you might say, that all characters seem like if they could really live in normal world.. like many other people. I like that conception.

Since I read episode 12 I said to myself: "that's the last for today". Well... It wasn't. I've rad everything from cover to cover babbling too myself that i should stop ang go to bed...

If you need to read something funny and optimistic.. Also if you think that modern ecchines is not something that will wipe your humanity away.. Than you should try it.. And the last thing: When you start.. Please, read first 5 chapters. Otherwise you wouldn't know if you really like it or not. Believe me.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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