Sep 28, 2008
swedishfish826 (All reviews)
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts...
- Shakespeare

I felt that this quote was the best way to sum up this show overall. There were numerous plot twists, most of which significantly alter the story line and circumstances of the main characters. It follows the classic formula of best friends as the best kind of enemies and keeps you guessing. However, one of its strong points is that some of the twists can be predicted if one is observant enough. It doesn't pull punches either for the sake of the viewer's sensibilities but rather always works towards progressing the story in the most dramatic way possible.

Not the place that makes or breaks this show. The animation is solid and at times displays great detail, especially in the fight sequences.

The music and sound effects were also solid. There may be shows that do a better job of matching the action or plot with the perfect music, but Code Geass uses the right temperament for the various scenes and shines in the truly dramatic moments.

Another big strength of this show. Not only does Code Geass feature compelling protagonists/antagonists throughout, the roles are constantly in motion. The use of anti-heroes and anti-villians as well as the more traditional character models makes for very interesting interactions and strange alliances. Through the characters the show also confronts the viewer with conflicting views of morality, different individuals will see the characters in different lights. Where one person sees an anti-hero another will see an anti-villian or antagonist etc.

I never stopped sitting at the edge of my seat. Its the type of show that you can think about all week while you wait for the new episode. The show is very rewatchable, you will notice new things every time through, I know I have. Finally, surprising you every episode with a twist while still throwing you a bone that you might be able to predict keeps you engaged.

This is one of the best anime shows I have seen so far. Many people will find similarities to Death Note throughout the story but with one major improvement, the ending.