Sep 5, 2007
MrGaz (All reviews)
For a short series with non-stop action and an adventure with a twist, there is no need to look further than Murder Princess. Personally, when I heard about the title, I was thrilled because the idea of a killer princess is something new and different when its brought upon a series. No doubt, instantly I knew it was gonna be a good series just from the title itself. What was your thought when you first heard about it?

Anyway, in moving along, as summaries in the synopsis, Princess Arita just witnessed the death of her king and now fleeing from unknown assassins, she accidentally ran into Falis, a famous bounty hunter and with a twist of fate, they switched souls making Alita the maid and Falis, the princess instead.

As the series moves on, you get to see how Falis adjust her new life in being the princess of Foreland as well as savagely slashing her enemies away with her great bounty hunter skills in order to protect the land and the citizens of Foreland, a promised made with Alita. In additional, there are many mysteries throughout the storyline to keep you entertained other than just slashing and shooting throughout the series like for example the mystery of the dark knight and the past of Princess Falis as known as Alita into why she became a bounty hunter. Ideas like these makes the storyline more captivating.

In regards to the OP theme, beginning it with heavy metal rock music gets you into the mood at the beginning of each episode. It's like, you know you will get to see some action and they just want you to gear up for it. Ideas like these just makes the series more enjoyable in my opinion.

Overall, a short, fast, action pace series full of adventures and thrills. As specified by the title, it does deliver a 'killer' good series.