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Sep 5, 2007
For a short series with non-stop action and an adventure with a twist, there is no need to look further than Murder Princess. Personally, when I heard about the title, I was thrilled because the idea of a killer princess is something new and different when its brought upon a series. No doubt, instantly I knew it was gonna be a good series just from the title itself. What was your thought when you first heard about it?

Anyway, in moving along, as summaries in the synopsis, Princess Arita just witnessed the death of her king and now fleeing from unknown assassins, she accidentally ...
Sep 1, 2007
Ichigo Mashimaro OVA is indeed a continuation of "cute girls do cute things in cute ways". The only differences from the original 12 episode series is, this one only has 3 episodes and it has a new OP and ED theme added to it.

As you may know from the original series, their fun and adventures of their daily lives continues on by 4 adorable 3rd graders and 1 big carefree sister. As a group, they continue to entertainment themselves from the activities they do and the things they say on a day to day basis and for us, its joyful entertainment while ...
Sep 1, 2007
As specified in the synopsis "cute girls do cute things in cute ways" is what it delivers. Based on the slice of life manga series, the story is considered plotless and instead, viewers are being treated with laughter and uber cuteness by 4 adorable 3rd graders and 1 big sister who just wants to find a decent 'good paying' job without being distributed or 'attacked' by either one of them, in particular Miu, one of their group members who is 'hyper' active.

From the beginning of the series towards the end, you basically see the activities these girls do on a day to day basis. ...
Aug 17, 2007
Dai Mahou Touge is an hilarious, parodic series from the original manga adaptation. To start things off, it has no actual plot other than what is being stated in the synopsis, it features some hilarious parodic moments from a few famous movies and series and its generally a short series consisting of 8 episodes in total. (2 episodes of 12mins each in one).

Considering the series is somewhat plotless, I'm gonna talk a bit about Tanaka Punie. Well to start it off, she really is the queen wannabe from her magical land considering she has a candy stick as a magical weapon and her well ...
Aug 16, 2007
PS: Review is based on both seasons. Although there is no spoilers, it's recommended you've watched the 1st season before reading on.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is indeed one of the fine "Mahou Shoujo" series you will pick up. The beginning does drag a while but it makes it up in the miiddle and end of the season 1 and with the beginning of A's, there is no stopping you in getting into the series until the very end.

Season 1 starts off with the introduction of Nanoha and her sudden involvement in helping Yuuno in finding all the Jewel Seeds. When Nanoha starts to get ...
Aug 12, 2007
Hitohira (Anime) add
Hitohira is another nice school based drama series where it does have it share of comedy and romance like any typical school based drama series. While others may not agree with me but this series was indeed underrated and it wasn't a mainstream series to begin with. Considering there wasn't anything special about the series, I still recommend it as its fairly enjoyable in a whole.

In moving on, the central focus of this series is on Asai Mugi. As the synopsis already mentioned she transfers into a new school, has trouble speaking publicly and now she is pushed into joining a drama club. Now when ...
Jul 28, 2007
Rocket Girls (Anime) add
What were your first thoughts when you heard about the title name? Well, my first thought was "this is lame title for a series, so I\'m guessing its gonna be a pretty lame series." Well... I can tell you, I was wrong, really wrong and I don\'t regret being wrong because it\'s one of the best random title\'s I\'ve ever picked up.

The story focuses on the adventures of 3 main characters, Yukari Morita, Matsuri and Akane Miura who comes in later in the series. Although, their dreams of becoming astronauts wasn\'t intentional, it just sort of happen when Yukari wanted to find some answers ...
Jul 23, 2007
Winter Garden (Anime) add
Di Gi Charat - Winter Garden is a warm and lovely title where you don\'t need to be familiar with Di Gi Charat series to enjoy it and/or understand it. Its not a direct sequel so anyone can randomly pick it up and enjoy it.

Basicaly the story evolves around Digiko and her love with Takurou Senba. Their love is not considered "love at first sight" but it\'s seen as more of a developing relationship from a first sight encounter. With some dramtic and comedy moments, this love story isn\'t easily forgotten even though it span through 2 episodes.

In conclusion, recommended for anyone into the romance ...
Jul 1, 2007
For a 4 episode series, it sure does deliiver the goods but not all of it. With good CG animations and soundtrack to get you into the series, it didn\'t make it up for the character development and storyline but considering its only a 4 episode series (2 hour movie if you would say), it had to be rushed in order to fit all the events in and in a proper sequence.

The beginning starts off with the usual routine of investigating in the cybernetic world. As the FLAK was doing their normal routine, they encounter this special girl and things take a nasty turn for ...
Jul 1, 2007
Soukou no Strain is without a doubt one of the best sci-fiction series out there. The series isn\'t heavily focused on the war itself and between regular mecha battles but instead its primarily focus is on Sara Werc, on how she cope with the loss of her friends and the betrayal of her brother.

Clearly the first episode is what drives us towards the edge of our seats. With the lost of Sara friends and the shocking revelation of being betrayed by her own brother, it instantly give us the questions into why he betrayed her? what made him betrayed her? etc. and in addition, who ...