Sep 25, 2012
Kamyla (Anime) add (All reviews)
LegionIscariot (All reviews)
A crime organization of female sex trafficking is a real problem in the city.
And someone had a brilliant idea: lets send a bunch of very attractive women with extremely short skirts to handle the situation, what could possibly go wrong?

Well I must admit that these women are actually very skillful agents, they are not pushovers, they know how to think, plan, fight and shoot.
But the problem is, like most female heroins in hentai, they always wear very reviling outfits and always get raped.
Now I will admit that the short skirts do make it easier for them to run and kick but it's so revealing they might as well fight crime in panties.

STORY: Im a guy who dislikes rape and gangbang, but despite that I am still able to rate this as very good because the story is interesting and it leads somewhere. Unlike some hentai with either no story, a shit story, or a story that doesnt really go anywhere.

ART: The animation style looks old. But the women's naked bodies are well drawn. Nice breasts, nice curves, nice bush. The vaginas are very nice. Plus it's uncensored.

SEX: I hate rape, but I did enjoy the sex scenes nevertheless. They are not too short, not too long. It gives you just enough, but not too long so you dont end up getting bored. Also the moans and sex talks weren’t annoying to listen to.

CHARATERS: the 3 female protagonists are not simply damsels in distress. They are smart, strong, resourceful women.
The villain, is very smart. He almost won because he used his smarts to destroy the headquarters from the inside, and even managed to escape in the end. (I do wish they had caught him, give me peace of mind)

Episode 1,
Agatha, the dark blue haired one gets kidnapped and it's up to the other 2 to rescue her (see cover art). She is exposed to the drug Kamyla which has the power to turn someone into a sex and mind slave. She is eventually rescued but the drug doesnt leave the system that easily.

Episode 2,
Koyomi, the green haired one also gets raped and gets a dose of the drug.

Episode 3,
Lyli, glasses and pig-tails also gets raped. But thats ok because they have backup: another squad of very attractive women with very short skirts...of course.
Lyli does not get a dose of the drug. She eventually discovers a anti-dote.

The leader of the organization, with Agatha and Koyomi under his control infiltrates and over runs the Special Agent headquarters, and its orgy/gang bang time.

Luckily Lyli uses the anti-dote, the leader gets beaten but gets away.