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Oct 14, 2013
I think we need more hentai like this. Short, sweet, simple plot, and gets to the point fast.

Its a story of a girl Azusa. Her friend is named Saori.
(Saori has her own thing going on with wanting to break up with her boyfriend, they dont focus too much on this plot, which i think is a good thing)

A boy named Uno likes Azusa (this plot is also not focused on too much).
But Azusa already has a secret boyfriend Shimoda to whom she gives secret blowjobs to in the bathroom during school. He's getting tired of bjs, but Azusa is not ready to have sex ...
Jun 5, 2013
Seisen Gakuin (Anime) add
Unlike Eisai Kyoiku, this one is actually good.

Its about a not-too-popular-with-the-students teacher.
He walks in on one of the girls masturbation to an idol shaped like a penis.
He is apparently the chosen one, his pee is now golden and has power over women.

Its funny,
the art is not bad, in some scenes the vagina is drawn very nice but in others its not,
and the characters are likable.

Overall an enjoyable hentai.
May 10, 2013
This one is pretty good.

Ryou and Asuka are childhood friends and next door neighbors.
They've been having internet sex every night lately.
The only problem is although Asuka recognizes Ryou, Ryou doesnt know its Asuka.

This causes Asuka to start resenting Ryou in the real world. Which bothers Ryou so he tells Internet Asuka (without knowing).

So Asuka confesses and asks if she can come to his room and you know what happens next.

Apr 26, 2013
A story about Lester and his sister Mith. Their mom died and Mith has a disease that is killing her.
A new student Lady Pusel's mom also has a disease. She becomes friend with Lester.

Although they try to cure Mith, when it fails Lester turns to the forbidden art of necromancy.

But there is a terrible price to pay, Lester must have sex with a very hot succubus...well thats not so bad, oh they also require a virgin sacrifice...maybe Pusel?...

This hentai is a mixture of Bible Black and Fullmetal Alchemist. It has the potential to become the next Bible Black.

There is more of a focus on the ...
Apr 26, 2013
A very nice and cute hentai. You can tell by the cover art.
A classic story about a boy and a magical girl (in this case a devil) who become lovers.

The animation looks nice.
Likable characters.
The H-scenes are soft core.
There are also some pretty funny scenes.
Feb 19, 2013
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Perfectly Observed Compulsory Child-Making Permit!!!

Episode 1 Release Inside Everybody

When i read the synopsis for this hentai i thought it was stupid. And i was right, it is stupid.

There is apparently only one guy in this entire city. And to bring the male population back up, with this card girls are obligated to have sex with him by law. He has a license to rape. The woman's consent is not requested nor required.

Not only that but if he refuses to use the card and start impregnating he risks a penalty. If he cums anywhere besides inside a girl he risks a penalty. And if he doesnt ...
Jan 18, 2013
Mother-Daughter Bowl With Extra Tits On Top Juicy With Breast Milk

This hentai contains:
freakishly large breasts
breast milking
milky breasts rubbing against each other
milky nipple sucking
mother-daughter yuri/incest
nipple erection
Dec 24, 2012
Bakunyuu Bomb (Anime) add
Bakunyuu Bomb aka Exploding Tits BOMB.

Its a series of 3 episodes involving women with really big tits who dont wear bras.

the 3 stories are independent. The first one with the nurse is funny and the best out of all 3.

But with many hentai they ruin it with rape: The second episode involves rape (its not brutal).
And the third episode involves rape and humiliation (not brutal). You think after trying rape in the second episode they'd try something different for ep3.
Ep 3 is so full of hentai clichés we've seen before, very predictable
Dec 23, 2012
Cafe Junkie (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Cafe Junkie.

What can i say: its boring and its full of clichés.
Even the sex scenes are boring.

Characters: The guy's not interesting and not likable.
The three girls are annoying to listen to. They all love the same guy. But where is this love coming from you may ask? Well i have no idea.

Animation style is ok. However its censored.

Dec 12, 2012
This is one of those hentai where a woman gets mistreated, and she's a bride, so she's a Mistreated Bride.

Anyway, i dont like hentai where women get mistreated, but this hentai is so hot its hard to resist.

So Ichiro and Mitsuko  have been married for about 5 years and they have a daughter. And they decide to move in with Ichiro's family: Bad Idea! Never move in with your inlaws!

Ichiro doesnt get intimate with Mitsuko enough, so she's very vulnerable sexually.
While tending to Ichiro's old, sick father he asks her to stoke his dick and she does it out of kindness for the old ...