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Nov 30, 2023
Preliminary (2/? eps)
While gazing at the stars, a male student is interrupted by a very tall, frontally-nude, masked girl with huge breasts.

Turns out she walked around naked at night as a way to build confidence.
She wore a mask so that no one would recognize her....because its going to be so hard to recognize a very tall girl with giant breasts, she blends in so easily 😐...

Throughout the episode its clear this girl has a few screws loose.
You should never stick your dick in crazy. But when a girl shoves her breasts and vagina in your face i guess you cant help but start sucking and licking ...
Nov 30, 2023
Sweet and Hot (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/? eps)
Its a story of a chubby school boy who i assume has bromhidrosis.
He has terrible body odor and today its particularly worse.
And although the girls are disgusted by it at first it turns out his odor acts as a pheromone that has the girls horny for him. School girls, store clerk, school doctor, etc
Its your typical hentai fantasy nonsense.

Its funny because the male character sees this as a nuisance and doesnt abuse it. Which i think makes him a more likeable character than someone who would just abuse it. He genuinely wants it to stop.

I like the art design. I always prefer a more hand-drawn ...
Nov 26, 2023
Good movie. Great suspense. And a deadly treasure.

The cast have all gathered to this island. But their motives are each different.
Lupin wants a secret treasure.
Fujiko is being a traitorous seductress as usual. But atleast its towards the bad guys and not her friends.
Jigen wants revenge.
Goemon wants to prove the power of his sword.
Zenigata wants to capture Lupin. Unfortunately he doesnt get to do anything in this movie other than just be there.

And in the middle of it all are 2 military forces fighting for power.
Nov 24, 2023
A very well made movie. Great plot. Great characters.

Although its a comedy it is a serious plot. Involving conspiracy, coverups, assassination (most notably the Kennedys), and people in power.
But it cant be a Lupin movie without treasure of course.
This movie reminds you of the power that money has on the world and our politics.

Lupin and Zenigata's skills get to really shine. Not to mention how much they truly love each other deep down.
One character who was kinda off was Goemon. He really didnt act like himself in this one, the way he gets manipulated.
Jigen is great.
Fujiko is greedy and useless in this. ALso ...
Nov 23, 2023
LUPIN – MEMORIES OF THE FLAME: TOKYO CRISIS is definitely one of the best Lupin films. Very well made.

All the main cast get a chance to truly shine.
Jigen and Goemon are metaphorically speaking handicapped for a big chunk of the movie. But as soon as the handicap is lifted they show what they are really capable of.
Fujiko is greedy and seductive as always. But her design is not good in this. I could barely recognize her.
Zenigata shows once again what a great detective he really is.

The story revolves around a psychic girl and something terrible that happened to her and her father when she ...
Nov 22, 2023
Its nothing amazing. Its essentially a 30 minute episode stretched into a full length movie.
But i found it entertaining and funny.

Lupin is searching for the golden tower of Babylon.
There are references to Hitler/Nazis which is typical for the Lupin franchise.
Also aliens. Because why not.
The Pink Jacket series has always been seen as the weakest but i do truly like its silliness.

The other cast members dont get to do much. More focus is put on Lupin and Fujiko, who make a good couple in this.
Zenigata teams up with female ICPO agents from around the world but not enough focus is put on that.
Goemon has ...
Nov 21, 2023
Mixed Feelings
An interesting concept.
What if Lupin III was a moniker and not a person.
What if the Green Jacket Lupin (first jacket in the anime) went against Red Jacket Lupin (original color in the manga).

The problem with this movie is its trying way too hard to be as confusing as possible.
Not only does it follow different characters that you dont know. But its not in chronological order.
So you have no idea whats going on.

Its a huge missed opportunity. A waste of a great concept.

And the movie takes itself too seriously. Might have worked better if it was more cartoony and less dramatic.
Nov 21, 2023
There once was a man named Hector Finnegan, who was a legendary thief.
He is sentenced to death. But before they can hang him from the gallows, thieves from all over the world set a course to the prison. In hopes of saving Finnegan so he can lead them to his treasure.
Makes you think of Gold Roger doesn’t it? 🤔

But there is much more going on here. Twist and turns.
Its another one of those Lupin has to save a kingdom type movies.
I like Fujiko in this. Greedy as always. Fujiko is a character who can be made as very likeable or detestable depending on the ...
Nov 20, 2023
I personally didnt care for the design of Lupin.
However i found this cross-over to be very fun.
Really showcasing the skills of Lupin but also of Cat's Eye aswell.
I havent seen Cat's Eyes since i was a child. So my knowledge of that anime is limited.

The movie has a predictable twist.
But a touching and satisfying ending. Lupin truly is the gentleman thief with a heart of gold.
It was cool to see the clumsy Toshio Utsumi team up with the skillful and determined Zenigata. Was fun to see them work together.
And the Cat's sisters looked sexy in their outfits 🍑
Nov 20, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This movie has no payoff whatsoever.

I was a Detective Conan fan very briefly a long time ago. Lost interest in the anime. So the VS Detective Conan title was never a selling point for me.

The plot revolves around some super-star. But by the end of the movie you wonder why him and his subplot was even in the movie.
A guy trying to steal a macguffin to save his country. This plot reaches a dead end.
And a plot involving a sapphire, a plot that essentially gets tossed out to sea.

Fugiko also has a revenge subplot. She gears up with rocket launchers and all sorts of ...

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