Sep 21, 2012
muntasir123 (All reviews)
The thought of having a girl fall for you by simply having them see a mark on your body seems great. In fact who wouldnt want there sexual desires satisfied. Well the only thing our poor male protagonist Rin wants is the love and affection of Chizuru someone several years older then him and a girl who has been with him for nearly his whole life.

That being said the plot is rather unique, while the way it approaches this rather new approach is great and highly entertaining. We see Rin being heartbroken because of reality, the age difference, and because of the fact Chizuru simply does not want to make him unhappy or make him suffer even though she too is deeply in love with him but cant show him because she knows it wont work out between them. Throughout the series you will find happiness, sadness, and some good laughs. Note there is some ecchi scenes and some sex so bear this in mind.

All in all I really enjoyed this manga, and recommend it for any romance fan looking for a rather unique read compared to the rest.