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Dec 28, 2013

Mairu isn't cute in any shape or form, but all this changed when she meets Tenyuu.

Story& Character:
The story is good, after reading hundreds of shoujo manga the beginning of the manga isn't anything special, however as the story progresses you see different sides of each character. There is another thing about this manga I really enjoy, there is a distinct element of surprise. Generally in shoujo manga it is pretty obvious who the girl will end up with, yet every time this manga leaves you wondering, because of the progression of relationships, and the struggles the main character read more
Mar 14, 2013
"Its a promise.. 365 days before the blink of my eyes, ill keep staring at you"

The premise is fairly common, with the presence of manga's such as koizora, the theme of tragedy seems to reel in to both genders appealing to the readers sympathy.

The story starts off with a girl named Nino who is a shy girl who has a funky parrot who she likes talking too, and of course the main protagonist who is told he will die in less than a year.

The characters are fairly normal for a shoujo manga, there is nothing special about them. Apart from the fact read more
Nov 6, 2012
" I dont love you in the little brother sort of way"

The story is fairly simple and its nothing we haven't seen before from shoujo manga, it seems the working part time and meeting handsome guys is quite typical in manga these days. The main girl Anzu is working part time at a beach house when she reunites with her childhood friend Rei, however things take a turn when Rei confesses his feelings to her despite him being a middle school student two years younger than her. Of course there our shoujo manga rivals, the good old Baba, Kazuya, and all our other cool side read more
Oct 7, 2012
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" Im you ten years in the future dont let him.... dont let him die, I dont want you to regret it..."

On a normal school day Takamiya Naho receives a letter saying that a new student Kakeru whom she doesent know is transferring into the school, at first she brushes this remarkable "coincidence" off, but she slowly starts to realize it is truly true. She starts getting close to Kakeru then her 10 years from the future says Kakeru will die and only she can prevent it, hearing this and slowly falling in love with him is so sad for her but she steps read more
Sep 29, 2012
When one sees the shojo label on this they may be scared, but the truth is, its quite the opposite. Although it can be considered shojo, it is completely different and unique and presented in a refreshing way that anyone a fan of shonen or even seinens can appreciate.

The tale is relatively unique, however not completely new. The main protagonist is a male by the name of Inami Harusumi, who has the mind of a princess named Veronica, from hundreds of years ago. After an incident at school and happily getting with the girl he liked an incident occured and several of his classmates ended read more
Sep 28, 2012
Although simply six chapters so far, this monthly manga shows serious promise.

The mangaka Takemiya, Yuyuko famous for adapting the light novel toradora into a very nice manga differentiating itself from the anime does a good job once again of establish differences between characters and how these opposites can attract.

The story is relatively simple but yet the art and the way it is presented although with not too much detail yet due to the length is quite enjoyable. Yoshimatsu Hotaka is a boy with a rather dark past, he isnt open to many people at all and he always looks at this one girls he read more
Sep 21, 2012
The thought of having a girl fall for you by simply having them see a mark on your body seems great. In fact who wouldnt want there sexual desires satisfied. Well the only thing our poor male protagonist Rin wants is the love and affection of Chizuru someone several years older then him and a girl who has been with him for nearly his whole life.

That being said the plot is rather unique, while the way it approaches this rather new approach is great and highly entertaining. We see Rin being heartbroken because of reality, the age difference, and because of the fact Chizuru simply read more
Sep 15, 2012
With the amount of survival manga out there such as Cage of Eden, this genre of manga has it tough to set itself apart from others especially with respect to the originality of the concept. That being said Life is Money does not have the most original idea, however the development within the idea surpasses many other survival manga and thrillers.

We all have something we want to save, in the case of Meguru its his dying sister, with his mother dying trying to obtain enough money to save her daughter, a myriad cost of one hundred million yen is needed. Meguru being scammed countless times, read more
Sep 13, 2012
If you saw someone who was completely different than all other "humans", would you think they were the weird one, or is everyone else the weird ones?

The conflicting though process of trying to figure out what is a "human", Shirasaki is just an average boy with some average friends when a weird girl Kamimura Yuuka pops up in his life. The summary is quite misleading although the boy does not really have any affections for her in the beginning it starts to grow but as far as the english scanlations are concerned he is definitely not in "love" with her yet. Nevertheless there is a read more
Sep 9, 2012
The thought of dreaming something and reality oftentimes conflict, more so even when we hear things we dont like in reality and escape in our own dream world.

Please note there is a bit of sex in this manga but I feel its pretty necessary at times.

The story is about a boy named Uchida who miraculously creates a device that can create an ideal dream for you. Sounds good right? Well its pretty awesome isnt it, after his friend is rejected Uchida gives him the comfort of his machine, slowly and slowly more people start using it. Its clear that he has feelings for his childhood read more