Sep 8, 2012
ijen (All reviews)
First of all i would like to say i am not that fond of action animes,i am more like the peaceful type.So when i first saw this i wasn't that interested but it took only the first movie to change my mind.
I am writing this review based on the whole series.
Story(10): i don't like to give 10 to any anime because that would be too disrespectful to the masterpieces.I had no choice cause the plot is not that much but unique nonetheless.On the light this is a story about two sides fighting for their own ideals.In one sides the attractors who has awakened supernatural powers and unable to control their powers that much and causing harm to the others around them fighting for their survival and wanting to live.On the other hand we have cyborg teams who are victims of the attractors directly or indirectly,sacrificed their emotions and body parts only to protect order and stop the attractors.
Thats what on the surface but in the dark every single of them has a dark side that haunts them.A past trauma,sin that makes them suffer every moment.Hated by everyone in the childhood,being called a monster,unable to become mentally stable going berserk causing harm to everyone they care for.bound by the chain of suffering they fight to survive.

The story centers around Quon a esp that lived for a thousand years,every moment of suffering and atoning sin for his untenability to protect his brother and becoming mentally stressed and going berserk and killing a lot of people.Now he lives in order to save the hunted before they become the hunter.he endures a large amount of pain in order to save the young ones from taking the same path he did.With his friends that he saved he goes against the cyborgs.
A twist after twist,sufferings,pains and cries of quon will surely make you in tears.
I won't call this a masterpiece but this one is great.touching is what i mean.I highly recommend this anime to everyone.