Jul 18, 2012
Mewana (All reviews)
I already watched both seasons of the anime of yumeiro patissiere, and I've got to say, the anime was better in my perspective. The story was so and so because as you know, it's about a clumsy girl who becomes really good at making sweets. I still loved the characters! I also found koshiro a bit more tolerable to handle :D. I pretty much found the art "good" because I can't really see the individual looks of the characters. The 3 sweet princes have the same bangs and hairstyles, with just colour to differ. As the story caught on, I was more and more entertained in the cake grand prix and believe it or not, I found more love between Ichigo and Kashino then the anime. The cakes looked so delicious in the pictures that I was almost drooling in the end. Also I was WAYYYY more shocked in the developments of the grand prix.( trust me, you'll see) I'm extremely sad because I couldn't finish the manga! Also it was right were they introduced a character i've never seen before! ( Eng translations couldn't continue because Chinese translations got too difficult) OH SO heartbreaking! Even though there's a few negative points about it, I still recommend you to read this manga.