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Jul 18, 2012
I already watched both seasons of the anime of yumeiro patissiere, and I've got to say, the anime was better in my perspective. The story was so and so because as you know, it's about a clumsy girl who becomes really good at making sweets. I still loved the characters! I also found koshiro a bit more tolerable to handle :D. I pretty much found the art "good" because I can't really see the individual looks of the characters. The 3 sweet princes have the same bangs and hairstyles, with just colour to differ. As the story caught on, I was more and more entertained read more
Jul 2, 2012
By far, Gakuen Alice is basically my One and only favourite manga that I've read. The art in the early chapters of the manga wasn't the best really. But as it progressed further and further into the deepening plots, the author used darker tones, that really made the characters and scenes turn into something rather magical. I found the plotline o be interesting too. This isn't some typical shoujo manga with a cold guy and a laughing giggly girl falling in love. But it's something that makes it stand out, and what basically nobody could copy, or replace. The earlier chapters might point to a read more