Jul 4, 2012
Kasavon (All reviews)
When I came across this manga floating through the yaoi main stream I was immediately snatched up by it. I found some sort of resemblance to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and when I chose to read it, and although it was good, I felt let down. Maybe they were too similar and I found that Joushi to no Hitoban wasn't cutting it, if it was trying to compete with Nakamura Shungiku famous Yaoi manga's. So if your looking for a fresh, never seen before, original manga, your going to have to look else where because, I found it rather bland when it could have been so much more.

Story: 5
In short it was un-original and pretty lame, but it did I guess, get better towards the end but not enough to make me give it a 6. It's a typical smut/romance/yaoi with jealousy, harassment, mis-understandings blah blah blah you get the picture.
Kondou Takayuki hated his boss since he was employed. His irritable and is constantly telling Takayuki that his work is at a level of an elementary schooler. His name, Takagi Toshinobu. Takayuki has to go through the trouble of 1st being, well pretty much violated and then falling in-love with the person who apparently "did it" with him. Then trouble begins and Takayuki is captured as he struggles to work out his relationship with his boss and these new arising feeling coming from within himself.

Character: 7
For this manga I actually liked the characters, but they were still un-original and I had seen their "type" in many many other mangas. 1, "cute" small, obedient and trancparent uke while the other straight-forward, demanding, strong and naughty teme. When together... You can see the outcome.

It's not that I didn't enjoy it at all but I just kept on expecting more... If you have a lot of free time (like me) then you could always read it for fun but don't expect a lot.

Overall: 6
Overall the manga kinda blurred together, in the end I only picking up bits and pieces as I flicked through the pages. If you had planned to read an exciting yaoi/romance this isnt what your looking for. All in all it was pretty boring, I guess it would be very enjoyable if you were new to yaoi but if you have already read quite a few before its not really worth the time. It was OKAY in many respects but you didn't get what your put in, so it ended up leaving you out to dry.

Happy reading ^^