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Kaijuu no Kodomo
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Dec 3, 2019 2:41 AM
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Fukumenkei Noise
Dec 3, 2019 2:40 AM
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Saiyokuro Feb 10, 2017 5:15 AM
your very welcome and aww, well if i could i'd be a good friend and help ya relax and unwind after a day of work. you'd deserve it ^^
yeah mentally i am, but i do have my days where i can't handle much, but hey most days i can take anything you throw at me ^^
aww, that reminds me of how into romance animes you where back in the day, like you would watch so many of them. i'm sorry it never turns out to be more than a crush for you though. having known you for years now though, you really are an awesome and amazing young lady and whomever you do fall in love with is going to be extremely lucky. don't try and rush things though, as much as you may want it, just try and let it happen, but don't sit around waiting for no prince charming, he might be stuck in a tree or something >.> if you really like someone in a way, give it some time and if those feelings stay then make a move, be like hey wanna catch a movie or hang out and play games or something? slow and steady wins the race ^^
not really, like i already took the pic like a week ago because i felt i was looking nice and it's just of my face really >.< i don't really mind, it's all on you and what's comfortable for you ^^
what did you think i was going to say? >.<
well after work i can completely understand, go get some rest ok? ^^ next time we'll get a good leg pun and that will be our team name >.>
by all means, i'll certainly appreciate all of them too ^^
actually i don't have much food myself, my mother eats like no freaking tomorrow and won't stay out of the food me and my dad get for ourselves. i decided to get my lazy butt clothes and i'm heating up hamburger patties we've had for like...2 months from the freezer that i hid but even then otherwise all we got is ramen, which aside from yesterday had been my dinner for like a week :c tbh though that doesn't sound too bad, but you need more food. just let me come over or you come to my house, whatever there is i'll cook you something to eat, i'm a great cook ^^
Saiyokuro Feb 10, 2017 5:00 AM
ok so like i really want the new dishonoured and kingdom hearts so very badly and horizon zero dawn just looks so gorgeous i need it!!!
he really did and he did a pretty good job, also when the 2 month delay came out he made a personal video message saying that he was sorry but he wasn't ready to release the game because he knew he could do better. which was extremely respectable and i loved it to bits that he did that. the luminous engine is extremely impressive and beefy too that's for sure
hey now! i shave my legs >.> i actually hate body hair so from the neck down everything gets shaved >.> i'm smooth hehe, and fine just...idk give me an oversized shirt of yours i'll make this work >.>
usually i do but this time i was like nah fuck the boxers this is more comfy. of course it comes back to bite me in the ass >.<
ok real quick on that, me and my friends love playing the bullshit game and my one friend looooooooves tokyo ghoul and i got him so hard. i looked him dead in the eyes and said "Kaneki Ken deserved everything that happened to him ._." he was ready to kill me haha. but yeah i do agree, she really isn't and she's a poison in this house and just has got to go >.>
Saiyokuro Feb 10, 2017 4:45 AM
well first off welcome home i'd assume from work ^^
see now that i agree on, but at the same time not everyone can handle stress as good as others. i'm lucky enough to be able to take stress incredibly well but that's me and not everyone else. but i do agree with where your coming from with that entirely so.
idk i'm just not really one to give up on everything, i promised myself i wouldn't die and someone can shoot me in the face i'll still get up and kick their ass for doing so <.< *gives you a big hug back* it really is, i've felt it way too many times :c your lucky that you haven't. actually i'm kinda curious, does kassy-chan have her eye on anyone? >.>
yep if you wanna see it haha, i'll send it to ya on the psn app if your curious on it ^^
being such a tooooootally manly man (i couldn't say that with a straight face irl >.<) there's romantic/base attractiveness that i'll look at, which is basically just the looks department like your so beautiful! like with your eyes, face, hair, etc. then being a guy, most all of us have the second stage which is looking at sexual attractiveness which of course should explain itself haha
i love the little quotes around the no shame haha, and hey considering how i'd be dressing we'd have to call ourselves some kind of leg pun because we'd both be showing a lot of leg ^^
aww, i'm really sorry :c i wish i could talk better in japanese because i'd so talk to you in it ^^ i mean you can show your skills off to me though if you want, it's not much but it's better than nothing.
also i'm having such a real world problem right now >.< i'm suuuuuuper hungry, but i don't feel like putting clothes and underwear on to go downstairs to make something to eat. normally i wouldn't care but you never know when someone is gonna be a butt and wake up >.<
Saiyokuro Feb 10, 2017 1:44 AM
what games do you have atm that you gotta play? >.> should so share games i need games so badly >.<
finally someone else that's done their research >.< so far from what i seen just episode gladio alone from the dlc looks pretty good, and that's only a part of the dlc. plus the chocobo/moogle festival was really cute and i loved it ^^
well either way i think it's a cute thing tbh ^^ if your embarrased i'll do it for ya! lets just hope nobody has the mind to be asking questions like why is a guy wearing my shirt and no pants and not my gf? haha
quite honestly when i'm at home i'm rarely clothed >.< my door has a lock on it and i make sure it's used, i'm just comfier this way ^^
your not really wrong there, she left my dad because she apparently wasn't happy being with someone who gave her everything she asked for and she couldn't make it on her own (while she was gone she also kept asking for money and received $800) and she came crawling back to where she started. she did absolutely everything in the worst way too. my dad is an extremely nice guy and tries his best to make everyone happy like me, but i also just don't stand for bs >.>

take your time and i hope your having a good day at work and a good day in general!!! *gives you a big hug* for luck and cause why not ^^
Saiyokuro Feb 8, 2017 11:15 PM
well my mal account is linked to my gmail, and i have gmail on my phone so bingo! haha
by god i need that ap >.> a full run through the game missing like all hunts and sidequests got me 1000ap so restarting isn't a horrible idea, about 20 hours to go through it all.
agreed, but then again the ffxv that we played was only 3 years in development, people bitch that it's been 10 but so many things kept changing and while the base story was there, no production was actually made until 3 years ago, so by all means what we do have is phenomenal.
actually that sounds like really cute! your still wearing underwear of course right? if it's just for your boyfriend then hey why not?
nah i'd still say them if i was a girl, just 0 shame around people i'm comfortable with haha. wait are you filming me running clothed or wearing like nothing <.< if the latter then kassy-chan the hentai <.<
nothing official no, and because she was acting all high and mighty my dad has yelled at her a few times (the first was because she went out on a date like a week after she got back and i basically already told you the details) and they're still legally married so my dad got pissed, and the second was because she was being all whiney and being like i want this, i want that i want it all, so he went down and was like shut up, everyone always has to listen to what you want and it's been that way for years, so what about what i want or what shawn wants? it's our house now and not yours. in both instances he made her cry and imo just...good. like it's not all about her and she fucked up, she should pay for her mistakes imo. also don't worry i have no problem in the slightest talking about all of this stuff ^^
i do agree with you for the most part, but there are some cases where it's better than nothing, because what if your being tortured and have literally no way to escape from that situation, would you rather have someone stay and suffer or take their life and finally have peace? everything is a game of what if's and possibilities and with so many possibilities there's no real way in my personal opinion for any answer to be set in stone for every possible outcome. also a few months ago i was suicidal myself, i had been in a relationship with a girl and thought she was the one, poured my life out to her and even had future plans with her, and on our 6 month anniversary she dumped me and got with her best friend who confessed her feelings to her and for a month i was done with life. but i'm better now, and fuck love >.>
haha i took a picture of it if you'd like to see it on like kik or psn if you still have kik or the psn app ^^
your welcome ^^ oh i know, it's an honest opinion and reply though that you got out of me ^^ i see, i'm pretty good at gauging someones attractiveness, but i also do it in 2 different categories >.<
it was worthwhile though haha
yush! we're the dynamic duo!!! cue random theme song and random superhero costumes!!!
and i'm so jelly, because i forget like most all of what i learned years ago and i'm so bad at learning a new language >.<
Saiyokuro Feb 8, 2017 5:53 AM
also goodnight and sweet dreams to you and i hope i get to talk to you a ton tomorrow!!!
Saiyokuro Feb 8, 2017 5:52 AM
i'm very glad that you are ^^ thank god for having a notification on my phone that lets me know when you reply ^^
dang girl >.< all that ap you must've gotten!
i actually wanted to do the final one without the black hood, didn't want it to feel sorta cheated you know what i mean? i wanted to earn it >.>
i remember reading it somewhere because someone broke down all of the story and fleshed it out to what all was never said and was all context. but yeah all the oracles that are to guide the king share a small portion of bahamuts power, and that and the rings power tied down luna was destined to die anyways, she was already almost dead by leviathan, so ardyn didn't really take away much of her life as she had maybe a year left tops.
idk i have a weird interest in that kinda stuff, but then again i have no shame i'd wear a maid outfit gladly >.> but then again i'd wear anything, or nothing, without any problems i'm weird haha. what's Kareshi t-shirt if i may ask? idk but i would so once in my life to say i did it, wear the like kitty bra and panties, just to be like no shame!!!!! *runs around the house like a madman*
yeah it's just an absolutely horrible situation, and i'd love to put my mom in jail because what she did is adultery which is a serious offense as they're still legally married, and soon after she came back she went out on a date with a guy, smoked weed with him, and slept with him and that guy also had daughters. just ugh fuck this entire situation >.> i do appreciate your help and what your saying, and if i may ask why do you have thoughts about suicide? i wouldn't ever wanna lose you, i'll do anything to help >.>
oh it's just around my chin i have it, i hate it being everywhere else >.< i do groom it though and it's very nice! i love just stroking my hand through it like i'm smart and have ideas haha
total chance, your a very attractive and beautiful girl! don't believe otherwise because you truly are kassy-chan ^^ been forever since i got to call you that too >.>
also all your japanese comments just yes haha
Saiyokuro Feb 8, 2017 5:16 AM
haha, happy that you got some cake? ^^
same, except for the time length, i finished the game at lvl 64, and afterwards just let it happen. until i hit lvl 91, then i went to ravetough mountain and there's a hunt for wyverns that gives you a ton of exp, if you use an expericast magic you get like...14k exp a fight? something like that. the post game one for Costlemark tower, because you can't use items in it which makes it so hard and everything is max lvl.
exactly! and his attack like my god!! it was very awesome and very smooth, but like...why >.< also did you know that Luna actually shared Bahamut's power? that's how she healed people and gave Leviathan the smack down (god i love leviathan like so well done!)
yeah they did, but it did still hit pretty hard to home ya know?
nah i'd be so weird in a naked apron, totally unattractive <.< not sure why though but i've always wanted to do a naked apron for someone >.<
i don't think i got to tell you, but my mom had been cheating sexually on my dad for years, and has apparently been having an affair with someone who's in prison and left him because she wasn't happy with my dad, so for the first few months i had been trying to keep him from killing himself, which he almost did a few times, and long story short she came crawling back to him for a place to live because she got kicked out of her friends house and her own mothers house, and my dad being a super nice guy agreed to let her live in the house if she got a job and payed rent (which it's been like...2-3 months and she's yet to do either and hasn't even payed him a penny and somehow she keeps getting money). so...yeah, i'm here for emotional support for him >.<
actually it's not just scruff believe it or not, i've been growing it for...2 months now? month and a half? it's coming in pretty thick >.> well there ya go, when you get older go without make-up and fool them all! i'm not sure why but for me it's hard seeing you without make-up. like i've only seen you once but you looked just fine and beautiful without it, with it i'd say your overkill for everyone down there haha
Saiyokuro Feb 8, 2017 4:45 AM
yep you do! *gives you a big cake* just take it haha. i'm glad that i do ^^
before i started my new game + i had all of them at lvl 99 already, i beat it within the second week of having it because i wanted to take it slow and enjoy it, while playing it constantly of course <.< i have basically every item in the game too because i did all the post game stuff (except the hardest dungeon, couldn't finish it on my original run because i didn't purchase the right ascension grid thingy >.<). see i knew he wasn't the final one, but the first time he put up a good fight! but screw him for taking bahamut on and living, that deserved the death penalty >.> me too, when the final campfire scene played i had waterfalls going down my face because me and my friends have campfires like that all the time ;-;
yeah it's supposed to! if it does then yes we really need too >.>
your welcome, and i bet it did! your just amazing for sure ^^
well i'm also pretty much like a stay at home wife, because of a lot of fucked up family problems coming up about...8 months ago? something like that, but so i stay home atm to take care of the house, cook dinner, wear a naked apron for senpai, etc. and yes i had to make that joke >.> eh it's kind of the old story for me, once i get online i just can't think of what i wanna do >.<
oh i'm just saying to say it, i have a full badass beard going and everything >.> but you probably are more adult like physically than me ya never know!
Saiyokuro Feb 8, 2017 4:20 AM
well i'm really glad ya did because i always love getting to hear from you ^^ your my oldest friend on here that i still get to talk too and you've always been a great friend to me ^^
same for me! like it's so very good! i'm about to finish the final fight with ardyn again on my second playthrough haha, poor ifrit got himself wrecked >.>
awww, if only we could play minecraft or ffxv together, that'd be awesome! i remember when we tried to play monster hunter tri together!
i'm glad to hear and really? congratulations on that! everyone is doing something with their lives and here i am like umm...hi, trying to hope on getting my first job and i sit in my room all day doing like nothing >.< ikr! like i said old friends, we've known each other for so long >.< maybe you are, i'm so still physically a kid <.<
Saiyokuro Feb 8, 2017 3:47 AM
heyo!! ok real quick so weirdly enough i was just thinking about messaging you on psn to say hi again, and also randomly checked your profile on here, and then you comment on my profile. now i'm not positive but i think we might have a slight mind connection <.< but i'm doing alright, been playing the shiz out of final fantasy xv lately and minecraft >.< how about you? ^^
Zahraflower Dec 10, 2016 10:53 PM
Thanks for accepting my friend request! ^_^
Saiyokuro Aug 28, 2015 11:40 PM
me too, i was surprised to see your comment but it made me happy to see ^^ i had been thinking about you the other day too believe it or not, i was like i wonder how she's been doing? mines just like on here, my signature Saiyokuro ^^
Saiyokuro Aug 28, 2015 11:18 PM
i don't think you did >.< haha it's not a cuteness overload >.< aww i'm really happy to hear that you do, it means a lot to hear! things aren't all too bad, i'm moving by step by step and taking it one step at a time. i actually just downloaded it and it's cool! i really like it ^^
ClicheReviewer Aug 27, 2015 7:15 AM
Aw! Thanks. :3