Jul 4, 2012
FireFly1 (All reviews)
If you are looking for an anime that has the guts to use a different aproach to animation style and uses crude humor (and a ton of it) then look no further. If you are looking for a show with the comedy of K-ON! or the drama of Clannad then you couldn't have drifted farther away from your destination. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is a roller coaster of spoofs and dirty jokes all for your enjoyment, so with that lets get on with the review!

Story: Well, to put it plainly, there isn't much of one. The story is about two angels, the sex crazed Panty and the sugar addict Stocking, trying to collect an unknown amount of Heaven's coins so that they can return to Heaven. The story is pretty episodic, there aren't that many connections from episode to episode. Although, near the end the episodes do seem to connect but only about two of them with a little flashback to previous episodes. The story is definitely one of Panty & Stocking's weak points, so I'll give it a 7/10

Art: The art is extremely bold. I haven't seen any anime with its style before (not to say there aren't any, just none that I have ever seen before). It does remind my of American styled cartoons quite a bit, although no American cartoons that have this kind of humor ever turn out nearly as funny. There is one episode however where they completely change the animation style, mostly for the purpose of making fun of other styles but I still found the inconsistency to be annoying. For that inconsistency I can't give this section a 10/10, but it still lands a 9/10

Sound: Loved the soundtrack. The intro is only 33 seconds long but it is still good and I really liked the outro. All of the background music was very good and I found myself downloading the soundtrack after seeing just a few episodes. For the great background music, intro, and outro, I will give sound a 10/10

Enjoyment: Well, Panty & Stocking was a strange and fun ride, so it is easy to say that I enjoyed the anime. However, it wasn't an anime that I could blow through all at once. I really tried to pace myself a little when watching this anime so that I could spread out the comedy because when there isn't much of a story to follow, it's hard to go through a whole anime in one day. This has to be one of the only anime with extensive amounts of parody episodes and a filler here and there that I enjoyed. My enjoyment of the show comes out to a 9/10

Overall: When looking at it from an overall perspective, the anime is pretty damn good but if you do not enjoy a great deal of trashy jokes then I would stay away from this anime. Also, if you watch the first episode and find that you don't like how it is, then I would drop it if I were you because each episode has the same feel to it as the previous one so unless you have a change of heart and suddenly start to like crude jokes, just save your time and drop the anime. For the amazing music and art, combined with my enjoyment for the show, the overall rating will land at a 9/10